outdoor PROGRAM

Information about Outdoor Programs of Indonesian International Motor Show at Jiexpo Kemayoran. | Organized By : Dyandra Promosindo

Part of our commitment to deliver the best buying experience is to provide the most advance facilities to test and try your vehicle or motorcycle of choice prior to purchase

Land of unique costum vehicles. Bring the Carnival theme of IIMS 2017, but won't forget about the garage concept as the main character of this land from time to time.

So many of airbrush artist will compete to costumize the IIMS helmet with their diferent, atractive, and their own character style

Be dazzled and mesmerized by our daredevil racers entertaining you, our visitors on the track

Speed is number one. If you want to win, you have to be the most fastest driver in this game. Its not the same like Drifting, in Gymkhana, speed is the most important thing

Its Retro time. The best time to gathering with your family and enjoy the rest of the day with your retro classic car

The Carnival ambience which is make IIMS 2017 more fun and outrageous. Feel of the brand new Carnival experience at IIMS 2017

The Battles is just begin. All the best builder in Indonesia will compete each other to build the best and the coolest bike ever. Don’t miss the biggest battle of the year

Are you searching for a car or bike accessories? Get the best price only in IIMS 2017 and you will get a discount in a certain days and hour. So find out in IIMS 2017

Food Truck Indonesia Gathering for the 3rd time at IIMS 2017. It will presenting any kinds of soul food dan interesting drinks.

Driving around the city along with friends from the automotive community. A variety of entertainment will accompany the exciting and memorable trip. Make sure your community to join the journey to the center piece of carni only in IIMS 2017

IIMS Awards is declare to give apreciation for the exhibitors who participated at IIMS.

Treat your eyes by the uniques costumize motorcycle that ctreated by indonesian builder. It can be your eye candy for you to take the picture memories at every angle.

Modified Motorcycled display that has been curated. These motors will be shown in Center Piece of Carni and will amazed your eyes

Revitalise your ears because you will hear the sound of the best car audio that you never heard before. The biggest audio contest in Indonesia will be held in IIMS 2017

Its Sunday, and its time to ride with your best friend and family. Put you best pair of shoes, prepare you ride and lest ride along together to IIMS 2017.

A space for our "special needs" friends to show their talents. It will give them sense of confidential for them. So, they'll feel realy special to blend with us. At IIMS 2017.

Closing celebration of the exhibition by presenting a variety of entertainment content and also awarding program for IIMS AWARD & MISS MOTORSHOW.

Two Wheels Stunt Driving Powered by Grab